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NetSuite Export - Full NetSuite Data Extraction

Do you need a full copy of all your NetSuite business data? Are you migrating to another ERP / CRM system? Getting your data out of NetSuite manually can be very difficult and time consuming. Blueacrobat's NS-Export service provides you with a full export of all your NetSuite data in a relational-database format.

NS-Export service has been engineered to address the problem of exporting your NetSuite account data into your own on-premise relational database. NS-Export creates a complete, up-to-date local backup copy of all of your NetSuite records.

What does NS-Export provide?

NS-Export provides you with copy of all of your NetSuite records in a relational-database format, preserving all the complex relationships between your records. A full backup is performed and all of your designated NetSuite records are moved into your backup server.

Export of all your NetSuite records.

NS-Export creates a complete snapshot of ALL your NetSuite business records, customers, contacts, sales orders, invoices, customers, leads, custom records etc.

Export of all your NetSuite data relationships.

NS-Export preserves hundreds of different relationships and associations between your business records. Relationships such as customers-to-contacts, invoices-to-customers, bill payments-to-vendors, etc.

Export of all your NetSuite sublists, custom records and custom fields.

NS-Export preserves NetSuite sublists such as addresses, items, contacts, user notes. Custom fields and custom records are also supported.

  • Migrating from NetSuite to another system?
  • Need a full backup copy of all your NetSuite records?
  • NS-Export includes: All your NetSuite Records, Transactions, Relationships, Sublists, Custom Fields, Custom Records and more.

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